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Subject I: "Occult philosophies - in search of common ground".

Subject II: "Idiopathic TMD - new insights into old problems."

Lecture 1

Over the last hundred years we have seen at least five completely different positions of the condyle at the temporomandibular joint, and each of these positions has been considered the best. During the same period of time, the definition of the central relationship itself changed 26 times, and the incisal and canine leads that were commonly considered mandatory lost their importance. It has also turned out that “bad occlusion” does not cause bruxism, and the origin of TMD has more to do with medicine than dentistry – which is still unacceptable in many circles. So let’s take a look at how it all started, how it has changed, and why many so-called occlusal philosophies remain at odds with each other. Do we really need to take sides, or are there common denominators?


Lecture 2

Despite medical advances in the 21st century, the treatment of masticatory disorders remains a challenge. If temporomandibular joint or masticatory muscle pain is recent and we clearly associate a mechanical cause, treatment should be rather simple and short-lived. Worse, if the pain has lasted for a long time, is migratory, burning, appears and disappears without an identifiable cause. We know that men and women have statistically the same bite, but the incidence of TMD in women is many times higher. It turns out that the causes of facial pain are much more complex and far from the area that dentists know best. So let’s go beyond what we have been taught so far and, based on the latest research in prestigious journals, answer the question: why does it hurt?


lek. stom.

Łukasz Lassmann graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk. Since the beginning of his career he has specialised in aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, complex bite reconstruction and treatment of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscle disorders.

He spends most of his time perfecting modern methods of treatment by participating in numerous international courses at Kois Center (Seattle USA), UNC- University of North Carolina (Chappel Hill,USA), UCLA-University of California (Los Angeles,USA) Mediterranean Prosthodontic Institute in Spain, Dental Practice of Mykhaylyuk in Ukraine, Palti Dentalzentrum Baden-Baden (Germany), GSID – Marina De Carrara Italy).

He puts special emphasis on minimally invasive treatment techniques, allowing to preserve as much as possible of the tooth tissue. Therefore he performs most of his work using a microscope.

His holistic approach and general medical knowledge allows him to treat facial pain and TMD in a way that has been appreciated worldwide. Therefore, he writes publications for international journals (most recently American Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and Pharmaceutics) and teaches his treatment methods on several continents:

Dubai (twice), Shanghai – China, Lima – Peru, Budapest – Hungary, Cairo (three times), New Delhi – India (twice), Bucharest – Romania, Stockholm – Sweden , Paris – France, England.

But most of all, he fulfils himself as a lecturer in Poland within the framework of Master Level trainings. He spends his free time travelling and climbing new peaks.