Subject I: “40 years of Occlusion : From Dental School to Digital”

Subject II: “Occlusion for the Aesthetic Dentist in the Digital Age”

40 years of Occlusion : From Dental School to Digital”

In this lecture Ian will discuss the history and development of occlusion during his “dental lifetime”. He will trace the history of occlusion from the gnathological principles he was taught in dental school through the various philosophies that he has encountered including Dawson, Kois, Spear, Bioaesthetics, etc right through to the digital age that we live in today. He will try and eliminate some of the confusion that exists with these philosophies as well as concentrating on the commonalities that they have. Occlusal definitions that cause much of the confusion will also be discussed.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Gain a knowledge of the history of occlusion
  • Understand basic occlusal principles
  • Understand the differences and similarities between occlusal philosophies
  • Be able to evaluate occlusal theories

“Occlusion for the Aesthetic Dentist in the Digital Age”

Technology is changing everything we do and dentistry is adapting to the new digital era. We have more information and data than ever and we need to try and understand how to use this information and blend it with the timeless principles that have helped us provide predictable solutions over the years. Face scanning, jaw tracking, digital occlusion, digital planning and smile design have all become simpler and more cost effective than ever but if we are not careful technology can just get us into trouble quicker. In this short lecture Ian will introduce a new digital concept for diagnosing, planning and executing aesthetic cases predictably and efficiently.

Aims and objectives

· Understand the Concept of Complete Dentistry

· Understand how to use digital technology to aid the complete dentistry process and patient engagement

· Four occlusal goals and how to measure them digitally

· A novel approach to predictable treatment planning

· Develop a knowledge of digital restorative and orthodontic solutions


Liverpool born Ian qualified from Liverpool University in 1985. He has over 30 years experience in general practice both in the Private sector and with the National Health Service. He runs a Private Practice in the picturesque village of Thornton Hough on the Wirral concentrating on comprehensive reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry.

Ian provides continuing education to dental professionals across Europe. He also lectures nationally and internationally on functional and aesthetic dentistry. He spends approximately two-thirds of his time in practice and the other third as an educator. He believes this balance keeps him on the leading edge of both disciplines.