XVIII conference
PASE Scientific Conference

"TMD treatment clash
in the Tri-City"

20 – 21

MAY 2022





PASE Conference returns to city of Sopot

The 18th edition of the PASE Scientific Conference is now upon us.

Held every year since 2003, the conferences of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry have enjoyed great renown, and each year they attract a large number of doctors who follow the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry and comprehensive, interdisciplinary restorative treatment.

Lecture formula. A smaller number of lecturers, but with a much broader scope is the concept that has guided the organization of this year’s 18th PASE Scientific Conference. 

A group of world-class specialists, who often will have the opportunity to give lectures in Poland for the first time.

We have tried to prepare the price offer in such a way that the knowledge is accessible to any person closely related to the world of dentistry.

We will have the opportunity to meet under unique circumstances, so it is a good idea to plan your stay in advance.



Once again, the PASE Conference provides an opportunity to network and will inspire the exchange of scientific and clinical views and experiences. 



This is a select group of partners who share our vision and philosophy of excellence and perfection in serving the Patient.

XVIII Conference Scientific Conference of PASE

The title of the PASE 2022 conference is “Occlusal Rapture in the Tri-City”.

With this colourful phrase we are trying to show that as an association we do not forget, and are constantly monitoring one of the most important topics in dentistry, namely occlusion in complex treatment. This is a topic that connects the worlds of implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics, as well as surgery, periodontology and conservative dentistry.

At this year’s conference, lecturers with vast experience will try to show how occlusal protocols have changed over the years and what lessons we can learn from failures so that with every treatment performed, we feel increasingly safe. The wide range of specialists brings together people from different occlusal schools and even those who find their own algorithms of procedure and take their own path, moving smoothly in the field of many of the schools. Each lecturer will give at least a 1.5 hour lecture in order to illuminate the participants’ own thinking and the ins and outs of this extremely complex subject. The lectures will also feature modern working algorithms based on the world of 3D and CAD/CAM. Algorithms, without which most of us can no longer imagine our daily work.


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A group of world-renowned lecturers specializing in dental surgery, implantology, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and dental technology will undoubtedly create an event of the magnitude of the PASE Scientific Conference.